Wednesday – 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM – LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS POLYAMORY AND ETHICAL NON-MONOGAMY with Kitty Chambliss from The Relationship Equality Foundation

Non-monogamy has been getting a lot of attention in the media lately. With shows like Big Love (HBO), Sister Wives (TLC), Polyamory: Married and Dating (Showtime), and You, Me, Her (Audience Network), there are a lot of messages floating around about what it means to be ethically non-monogamous, and often they can raise more questions than they answer. What is ethical non-monogamy? Is polyamory the same thing as polygamy? Is it an identity or simply a choice? This presentation is geared towards those seeking more understanding about ethical non-monogamy as a healthy relationship choice, or anyone with an open mind wishing to understand how others live their lives and why. This presentation will discuss the dynamics of healthy communication and consent, and address myths about ethical non-monogamy.

Thursday – 6:00 PM To 7:45 PM – COMING OUT KINKY with Ariel Zeig from The Relationship Equality Foundation

With “50 Shades of Grey” topping the charts as both a best-selling trilogy and series of blockbuster films, Christian Grey has become a household name, and people are becoming increasingly more familiar with kink and BDSM. But, is that really what BDSM is about? This lecture based class is an introduction to what it means to be “kinky.” Born out of the popularity of the “50 Shades” series, Ariel created this lecture in her sophomore year at Stetson University and first taught to a student body of over 200 participants. This presentation dispels myths and misconceptions about kink, allows participants to get a clear picture of what BDSM actually is, and emphasizes what are considered safe and practical behaviors. This is an introductory lecture that focuses on consent and healthy relationship dynamics in the BDSM community, covering the fundamental basics of T.H.I.R.D. (trust, honesty, integrity, respect, and dominance), along with R.A.C.K. (Risk, Aware, Consensual Kink), and S.S.C. (Safe, Sane, Consensual).

Thursday – 8:00 PM – QUEER PROM

Get all gussied up and join us under the stars at the lovely UNF Coxwell Amphitheatre for a promenade alfresco! This glamourous, starlit event is free to attend, but there will be snacks, so please RSVP!

Friday – 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM – A (GROWNUP) TOY STORY with Angel Kalafatis from

This straightforward but non-threatening sex-positive, inclusive presentation focuses on quality, scientifically-backed, medically accurate comprehensive sex and sexuality education. Get ready to talk about anatomy, desire, arousal, foreplay, and intimacy aids (lubricants and sex toys) and sexual conditions that make all of this important. We will also discuss risk-aware sex practices and how to negotiate those things with partners in a safe way (aka: affirmative, enthusiastic consent). We will explore some of the tools and resources you have available to you to develop a healthy, safe, rewarding sexuality that YOU define.


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